BIOT 412 2012

product development slide

NOTE!! Dr. Johnson is out of town Oct. 23-Oct 30.  I will be in class on Oct. 31.  Dr. Saba Butt is handling the class on Oct. 24th, Wed.  She will hand out the human disease instructions; you will get into your groups to discuss the instructions, write down any questions regarding the instructions, and develop your plan to complete the assignment on time.  Every group member should find references and be involved in writing the report and putting together the PowerPoint.  Dr. Saba will collect the questions and someone in class will volunteer to email them to me Wed. night.

QUIZ NOV 1 covers human disease, product development, diagnostics, biomarkers covered through Mon. Oct 22.

BIOT 412 Diagnostics & Biomarker Unit Objectives

BIOT 412 human disease objectives

biot 412 quiz example

biot 412 12 biomarkers ‘omics PowerPoint

BIOT 412 12 Human Disease Paper Assignment Sheet

Myasthenia Gravis -page contains animation

BIOT 412 ANIMATION: Nicotine

BIOT 412 Nicotine and the Brain WEBSITE




BIOT 412 Down’s Syndrome WEBPAGES

Biot 412 REVIEW ARTICLE: natural history HCV

BOOK: Medical Statistics Made Easy

BOOK: Essential Concepts in Molecular Pathology

Biot 412 review in vitro vivo HCV systems

BIOT 412 HCV model systems review paper Uprichard

BIOT 412 FIAU woodchuck trial paper example

Biot 412 anti-HBV activity in vitro in vivo Korba

ELISA description and animation


ELISA description

BIOT 412 dx biomarkers PowerPoint

Biot 412 12 human disease

Biot 412 VARK assignment

BIOT412 syllabus 2012

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