BIOT 309 2012

NOTE:  There is a quiz on phylogeny and diversity and cell shape and function on Thurs. Nov. 1.  It covers the PowerPoints, Kim and Gadd Chapter 2 “Composition and structure of prokaryotic cells”, and the Read: comparison below.

NOTE!! Dr. Johnson is out of town Oct. 23-Oct 30.  I will be in class on Oct. 31.  Dr. Saba Butt is handling the class on Oct. 24th, Wed.  She will hand out a practice quiz example for you to do as class work – open book and small groups.    You will turn it in at the end of class.

 biot 309 12 cell shape function PowerPoint

Biot 309 cell structure PowerPoint #1

biot 309 12 phylogeny diversity

Kim and Gadd bacterial physiology and metabolism – (b h kim, g m gadd) cambridge university press 2008

BIOT 309 VARK assignment

biot 309 12 syllabus short


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