Biot 412 step toward making biofficial heart

Bio Artificial Heart

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BIOT 412 13: Letter grade

Biot 412 13 Final Grade

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BIOT 309 13 grades  listed by role number.

MY EMAIL IS  FCC is not currently working.

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Biot 309: grades on final

Biot 309 13 grades on final

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BIOT 412: performance on final

BIOT 412 grades on final

Final grades not yet finished; will post when completed.

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BIOT 412, BIOT 309 Tuesday, Dec 16th learn about ubiquitin assays

Dr. Tauseef Butt, our visitor from the US, has agreed to visit with us tomorrow (Tuesday) to discuss ubiquitin assays.  He will be here 1-2PM??  We will meet in one of the Chemistry labs.  I think you will find it interesting and useful.  All are welcome.  Good opportunity to learn some science from a biotech direction.

George Johnson

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BIOT 412: SCAN of ENCODE article

encode overview scan

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